The exhibition “Untitled” by Pieter Vermeersch – 10/2023

Antonini Milano, in collaboration with Galleria P420 of Bologna, is pleased to announce the opening of a solo exhibition by Pieter Vermeersch (1973, Kortrijk, BE – lives and works in Turin, IT) in the company’s showroom at Palazzo Borromeo in Milan, opening on Tuesday 26 September, from 6 to 8 PM. The site-specific project envisioned by Pieter Vermeersch for the spaces of Palazzo Borromeo is a monumental work painted on 20 canvases, for a total length of almost 18 meters, in dialogue with several paintings on marble.

“I have been creating a frieze which functions as an illusionary horizon. I see it as a way of looking further ahead in time towards an indeterminate future, as a reply to the historical context of Palazzo Borromeo where we have the opportunity to look back in time. The frieze contains 20 paintings echoing the colors of the remains of the only surviving fresco in the palazzo, and is accompanied by 4 paintings on black marble, underlining and deepening the idea of the illusionary landscape. Opposite these works a painted trace appears on the wall, blurring all the colors of the frieze into a general hue. A concrete gesture, imploding the wide and ungraspable spectrum of the opposite works into a moment in time.” Pieter Vermeersch’s painting stems from the transposition on canvas of intentionally abstract photographic images, patiently and meticulously translated into color, into tone through oil painting. The result is an oxymoronic “hyperrealistic abstraction” that suggests a monochrome shifted to another tone, a chromatic gradient of pure light that reflects the mutable nature of all things.

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