Our Story

The history ANTONINI is also the history of Milan, an Italian city with a great jewellery-making tradition. Founded in 1919, ANTONINI rapidly became the purveyor to the Milanese aristocracy, for whom the company designed extraordinary one-of-a-kind pieces. Since then, ANTONINI has been creating timeless jewellery using top-quality craftsmanship and sophisticated designs. Winner of the prestigious “Diamond International Award”, ANTONINI continues to bring its sought-after jewellery collections to clients around the world.

Sergio Antonini

Sergio Antonini, who now carries on the history of the brand as creative director, is behind the creation of every collection such as the Anniversary100 collection, designed to celebrate 100 years of history of the brand. He personally follows the creation of every single jewel in the making, from the small chic everyday collections to the Extraordinaire one-of-a-kind pieces. Sergio Antonini’s creations are sophisticated and contemporary jewels inspired by Italian tradition and design.
‘The woman I think of when I design a jewel is a woman of taste who choses an object because of its intrinsic value, not for the sake to show it off. She is an educated woman, refined and confident and often passionate about art, who choses an Antonini’s jewels to dream, but also to reward herself with an object of undisputed substantial value, because of the materials and the excellent workmanship that is used into making it.’

In the heart of Milan

Since 1919 in the heart of Milan: this is the Antonini story, a company which for three generations has been making jewellery with a unique and recognisable design, directly influenced by the motivation that the city offers, architecture, design and contemporary art, all passions that Sergio Antonini enjoys in his daily life.
Beauty and culture are distinctive elements of the showroom in Piazza Borromeo 12: a place of a touching artistic enchantment, a circle of extraordinary frescoes from the fifteenth century situated in an architectural context that has its roots in the history of the city. In a district where the medieval guilds had their own laboratories, giving the neighbourhood its well-known street names: via Orefici, via Moneta, via Zecca, via del Bollo… In such a context, only exclusive creations such as those of Antonini can be made.