The new exhibition “Il tempo è un bambino che gioca” in the ANTONINI showroom for MIART 2019

Mattia Bosco intervenes in the spaces of Palazzo Borromeo inspired by the peculiar grandeur of the place: La stanza dei Giochi, which preserves the frescoes executed in the mid-1400s by the Maestro dei Giochi Borromeo; the twin room of La raccolta della Frutta, almost completely destroyed after the bombing in 1943; and the palace courtyard.

«What unites the works that I present at Palazzo Borromeo to La Stanza dei Giochi cycle of frescoes is the theme of game», explains Mattia Bosco. «Game as an act of leisure, through which man regains time, not to use it but to enjoy it and to feel it without the fear of losing it. Game as a leisure activity appears to me as a way to realign with time. We place ourselves beside time and we pass together with time. Game is called a pastime not by chance, because while playing time passes without we realize it, it flies or stops. The time of game is a pure present: it stays with time, at its side. As the game renews the spirit, the sculpture renews things, free of serving or having purposes.»

In the room of La raccolta della Frutta, Mattia Bosco reinterprets «the timeless show on which the walls open like a curtain» – he writes -, translating and transforming the entire floor into his sculptural language. This work, made of Beola Argentata the same stone used for the building and cloister stairways, covers the entire floor of the room (45sqm in 90 pieces of 70×70 cm) firstly as a flat surface then transforming, in accordance with the rock features, and expanding towards the walls. The exhibition continues in the other spaces of Palazzo Borromeo where a selection of sculptures is exhibited in dialogue with the History and the specificity of the place that hosts them.

Mattia Bosco’s artistic practice begins in the mountains, in particular in the Val d’Ossola, where he searches and selects in the mines the stones to create his sculptures. The works exhibited in the three different places of Palazzo Borromeo activate relations with space and generate a dialogue that crosses time, between contemporary art and the suggestions of the History of Milan.

The project stems from the consolidated collaboration between LCA Studio Legale, AntoninI Milano, AXA XL Art & Lifestyle and Apice, which, thanks to the experience of the previous editions, propose this year the work of sculptor Mattia Bosco, represented by Galleria Fumagalli in Milan. “Il tempo è un bambino che gioca” (“Time is a child playing”) by Mattia Bosco is open to the public from 3 April to end of July 2019, from Monday to Thursday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm, on Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm. Palazzo Borromeo, Piazza Borromeo 12, Milan.

More info on the artist:

Allestimento Mattia Bosco showroom Antonini

Showroom Antonini mostra Mattia Bosco

Showroom Antonini mostra Mattia Bosco

Showroom Antonini mostra Mattia Bosco

Showroom Antonini scultura Mattia Bosco sala affreschi

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