The exhibition “DA359D” by Mandalaki and Xinhan Yu – 2/2024

Antonini Milano presents a site-specific light installation of Mandalaki and ‘A Shy Girl’ artwork by the Chinese artist Xinhan Yú, represented by N.51 gallery. The choice to use the color pink for the light installation and the tank, reworked by Yú, acquires an important symbolic dimension, especially in light of Chinese traditions where pink is intimately linked to the feminine, symbolizing delicacy and fragility. This decision is not random but represents a reinterpretation of the symbols of authority and aggression, acting as a catalyst for a critical reflection on the dynamics of conflict.

The artist work ‘Tank Project’ offers a different interpretation, and transfigures it through the color pink. This artistic gesture of subversion of traditional visual codes challenges expectations, proposing an alternative vision of power and vulnerability. The tank, transformed into a soft and inflatable installation, reveals its visual grandeur which, however, by deflating periodically, reveals an intrinsic fragility and the transience of the aggressive force.

The Mandalaki light installation highlights this vision through the innovative use of light and design. The Halo Edition project is based on profound research into natural phenomena and their interaction with human space, aiming to establish an emotional and sensorial connection between the observer and the surrounding environment. This approach reflects a growing interest in art forms that explore the intersections between technology, science and creativity, offering new perspectives on how art can influence the perception and experience of space.

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