Miart 2022 ”Dieci minuti e un soffio” by Francesco Arena – 04/2022

On the occasion of miart, LCA Studio Legale, in collaboration with Antonini Milano, ARTE Generali and Apice, brings contemporary art within the beautiful framework of Palazzo Borromeo where lightness and strength run after each other in the art exhibition Dieci minuti e un soffio (Ten minutes and a breath) by Francesco Arena, represented by Galleria Raffaella Cortese. The project comes from the passion for contemporary art that see LCA Studio Legale, Antonini Milano, ARTE Generali and Apice sharing the same goal in promoting and enhancing the contemporary artistic scenario.

This collaboration led first, in 2016, to the site-specific installation Carillon: Opera per Archi conceived by the artist Letizia Cariello and then, in 2017, to the first exhibition in Milan of Brigitte March Niedermair’s photographic work, entitled Transition, inspired by the Bolognese painter Giorgio Morandi’s famous still-life paintings. In 2018 took place Michele Guido’s Play in the garden_2018 exhibition at Palazzo Borromeo as the result of an in-depth study of its marvellous 15th-century frescoes. 2019 was the turn of Mattia Bosco with his sculptural figures that, whilst changing, maintain the original strength and essence of the stone. Finally, in 2021, Sabrina Mezzaqui’s insightful work was dedicated to Hannah Arendt’s notebooks.

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