Press tour at Isola Bella – Stresa, Lago Maggiore – 6/29/2016

Antonini and Acqua di Stresa organized a press tour to Isola Bella to present the new fragrances Acqua di Stresa and the new boutique Antonini. A day dedicated to the 5 senses that involved journalists in a visual-olfactory-gustatory-tactile exceptional path: guided by Marina Borromeo, vice president of Antonini, to discover the wonderful baroque gardens in Italian style and Palazzo Borromeo. Then they reached "il Vicolo del Fornello" where, thanks to a project of enhancement of Italian excellence, flourished between colorful and evocative views, retailers of prestigious made in Italy brands including Alessi, Herno, Bagutta, Italian Independent and Antonini of course. The sensory experience went to the top in the gourmet bistro "Il Fornello" with an aromatic light lunch dedicated to the world of flowers and perfumes designed by chef Francesco Luoni.

Flashes of precious lights combined with hints of refined notes. Colors, hues, scents, to present, with understated elegance, the new fragrance Acqua di Stresa and Antonini jewelry.


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